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Our company Hammer Industries was laid in Ankara since 1982

6 Continents 52 Countries 40 Years of Experience

Hammer Hydraulic Winch

Our company Hammer Industries was laid in Ankara since 1982 under the brand name ALTINÇEKİÇ, which exports to 6 continents of the world today, which are the efforts of Sadettin IŞIK to transform its knowledge and experience in the winch sector into a small workshop production.

Continuing on its way with firm steps by closely following the changing and developing of hydraulic technologies, this initiative turned into customer satisfaction in a short time with its superior quality principle and became institutionalized with its production capacity increasing every year.

Our company is the first hydraulic winch manufacturer in our country with an awareness of the need of our clients, started hydraulic winch production in Turkey in 2003, with hydraulic winch technology and manufacturing specialized in the field engineers and staff working in the sector in Turkey by establishing the first R&D and P&D unit, it expanded its product range and started mass production of winch under the Hammer Winch brand.

European and world standard quality winches



Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Albania, Switzerland, Latvia, Sweden




Russia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Cyprus, Pakistan, South Korea




Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Djibouti, South Africa, Nigeria



South America

Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Peru




Australia, New Zeland


Hammer Winch’s world-class rope drums are exported to many countries in 6 continents of the world.

With its world-class production approach, technology production mission and innovative vision, Hammer Winch is advancing step by step towards its goal of capturing the success it has achieved in our country, also in global markets.

Hammer Winch, which produces in the largest industrial complex of the sector in our country and exports hydraulic rope drums to many countries of the world with its R&D and P&D activities, is renewed every day in line with the needs of the sector and continues on its way without slowing down by searching for the better.

Hammer Winch is also involved in many strategic and military projects with its advanced technological infrastructure, modern production facility and production approach that does not compromise on high quality. With its quality control department, it tests its products under the toughest conditions.

Hammer Winch, which has continuously increased its product variety and production capacity in its journey since 2003, continues to offer high standard products to its customers in 6 continents of the world.

  • Almost 40 years of experience in the industry
  • R&D and P&D activities that produce technology
  • Export to 6 continents
  • World-class production and quality certificates
  • Wide product range in hydraulic rope drums
  • After-sales services and spare parts availability guarantee
  • Ability to develop and produce specific products in line with customer needs
  • Quality Control System
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Professional Staff
  • Professional and Qualified
  • Personalised Solutions
  • Accurate Testing Processes

Our Mission;

To meet the needs and expectations of the sector at a high level, to enter international competition by producing hydraulic rope drum technologies and to offer high standards products with the best quality to our customers all over the world.

Our Vision;

To make HAMMER WINCH a world brand with an innovative, sustainable, high quality production approach.

After Sales Services

With its innovative, sustainable and customer-oriented approaches, Hammer Winch cares about establishing long-term relationships in the sector and aims at the highest customer satisfaction within the framework of responsible marketing principles.

Providing after-sales solution-oriented, quality, fast and reliable services to its customers is among the basic principles of Hammer Winch.

Hammer Winch, which has been constantly increasing its product range and production capacity since 2003, keeping an eye on compliance with international standards and continuous development, understands the needs of its customers correctly with its expert sales team and offers the most suitable solutions together with its alternatives.

Considering customer satisfaction as the biggest gain since the first day of its establishment, Hammer Winch aims to deliver customer demands as soon as possible with world-class production with its expert production staff, as well as to meet after-sales customer needs on time and completely.

After-sales services of the products delivered at Hammer Winch are also performed with the devotion shown in the production process at least.