HMW 10.0 PHT Winch

HMW 10.0 PHT Winch

The HMW 10.0 PHT winch is a powerful and reliable tool designed for heavy-duty lifting, pulling, and hauling in a variety of industries. This winch is built with high-quality components and advanced features that make it an efficient and safe choice for a wide range of applications.

Technical Specifications

The HMW 10.0 PHT winch has a maximum line pull capacity of 10,000 kg. It is powered by a hydraulic motor that operates at a maximum pressure of 3,000 PSI (207 bar). The winch also has a maximum flow rate of 8 gallons per minute (30 liters per minute), which ensures efficient operation.

The winch drum is made of high-strength steel and measures 5.5 inches (139.7 millimeters) in diameter and 10.25 inches (260.4 millimeters) in length. It is designed to accommodate up to 150 feet (45.7 meters) of 3/8-inch (9.5 millimeters) wire rope.


  • Roller Fairlead
  • Cable Tensioner
  • Manual Clutch

Hydraulic Inlets

  • G 1/2″


  • Air Clutch
  • IP67 – IP 68
  • Pneumatic

Mounting Bolts

  • 16 Pieces M16 8,8


Max. pulling capacity (kg/Ibs):10000 kg (22040 Ibs)
Max. rope length (m/ft):51.3 m (168.2 ft)
Recommended wire rope (mm/in):16 mm (7/11″) 1960 Mpa
Hydromotor (cc/in³):160cc (10 in³)
Max. pump flow (L/min-g/min):60 L (15.8 g)
Gear ratio:28:1
Oil types and capactiy:85 W 90 – 2 L
Max. working pressure (bar/psi):145 bar (2103 psi)
Winch (kg/Ibs):184 kg (405 Ibs)
Roller Fairlead (kg/lbs):18 kg (39,6 lbs)
Cable Tensioner (kg/Ibs):8 kg (17,6 lbs)

PN HMW 10.0 PHT-N Manuel Clutch Shifter

PN HMW 10.0 PHT/P-N Air Clutch Shifter

Technical Features

Winch Features

Rope Winding LayerPulling Capacity (kg/lbs)Rope Speed (m/min-ft/min)Rope Lenght (m/ft)
EN 46542/144209.6/31.551.3/168.2

Pulling Capacity kg/lb Rope Speed m/min-ft/min Rope Lenght m/ft

Technical Document

  • Extra reinforced steel cast body.
  • Lightweight and strong design.
  • 100% Holding negative-acting hydraulic brake system.
  • Standard pressure roller and roller fairlead.
  • Easy assembly, high rope capacity and high torque hydromotor
  • Standard manual rope unloading system
  • CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Meets SAE J706 rating

HMW 10.0 PHT Winch

HMW 10.0 PHT Winch Technical Drawing

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