HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch

HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch

Hammerwinch, a trusted manufacturer of top-quality winches, proudly presents the HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch. Built to handle the most demanding tasks, this winch combines extraordinary power, robust construction, and advanced features to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in a variety of applications.

Unmatched Pulling Capacity:

The HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch sets a new standard in pulling capacity with an impressive rating of 30,000 7 kilograms. With this exceptional power, it effortlessly handles heavy loads, making it suitable for industrial operations, heavy-duty recovery tasks, and challenging off-road adventures. No matter the task at hand, this winch is designed to tackle it with ease.

Robust and Durable Construction:

Hammerwinch is known for its commitment to durability, and the HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch exemplifies this philosophy. It is constructed with high-quality materials and built to withstand the harshest conditions and rigorous use. The winch’s robust construction ensures long-lasting reliability, making it an essential tool for professionals operating in demanding environments.


  • Cable Tensioner
  • Air Clutch

Hydraulic Inlets

  • G 3/4″


  • IP67 – IP 68
  • Pneumatic Cable

Mounting Bolts

  • 8 Pieces M24 8,8


Max. pulling capacity (kg/lbs):30.000 kg (66120 Ibs)
Max. rope length (m/ft):64.9 m (212 ft)
Max. rope length for EN (m/ft):45.4 m (149 ft)
Recommended wire rope (mm/in):26 mm (1”) 2160 Mpa Compact
Hydromotor (cc/in³):160 cc (9.6 in³)
Max. pump flow (L/min-gal/min):75 L/min (19.8 g/min)
Gear ratio:114:1
Oil types and capactiy:85 W 140 – 2,75 L
Max. working pressure (bar/psi):190 bar (2755 psi)
Winch (kg/lbs):585 kg (1289.3 lbs)
Cable Tensioner (kg/lbs):9 kg (19 lbs)

PN HMW 30.0 PHT/P – EN Air Clutch Shifter

Technical Features

Winch Features

Rope Winding LayerPulling Capacity (kg/lbs)Rope Speed (m/min-ft/min)Rope Lenght (m/ft)
EN 322872/504124.7/15.445.4/149

Pulling Capacity kg/lb Rope Speed m/ft min Rope Lenght m/ft

Technical Document

  • Extra reinforced steel cast body through the heat treatment and industrial design.
  • Light and robust design.
  • 100% Holding negative-acting hydraulic brake system.
  • Standard pneumatic rope unloading system.
  • Easy assembly, compact design and high torque hydromotor.
  • Three-stage planetary gear system.
  • EN 14492-1 : 2006 Power driven winches supported
  • CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch

HMW 30.0 PHT – EN Winch Technical Drawing

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