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We evaluate all of our employees as talents in order to enable them to use their competencies and potentials in the right ways and increase their productivity, and we strive to motivate them by providing horizontal or vertical career opportunities that reveal their potentials.

With our “talent pool system”, we invest in the personal development of each individual while ensuring that the qualities that employees possess are identified in detail and monitored. Thus, we facilitate the placement of candidates with the most suitable characteristics for positions within our company organization, within the framework of correct job descriptions.

Through the management development programs and various training opportunities we provide, we aim to increase the happiness, productivity, and value of our employees by enabling them to better understand themselves and discover their potential. This approach demonstrates that your company values assessing your employees’ competencies and potentials accurately and investing in their personal development. As a result, your employees will be placed in the right positions and tasks, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.