HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch

HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch

The HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch is a powerful and versatile winch designed for heavy-duty applications. With its advanced features and robust construction, this winch is capable of handling even the most demanding tasks with ease. In this article, we will explore the technical features of the HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch in detail.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the capacity of this winch. The HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch has a maximum line pull of 6.8 metric tons (14,991 lbs), which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. This winch can be used for lifting heavy loads, pulling vehicles out of mud or snow, and for many other tasks that require a strong and reliable winch.

The HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch is equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor that delivers exceptional performance. The motor is rated at 110 kW (147 hp) and has a maximum speed of 2500 RPM. This powerful motor ensures that the winch can handle heavy loads with ease and can operate efficiently even under demanding conditions.


  • Roller Fairlead
  • Cable Tensioner
  • Manual Clutch

Hydraulic Inlets

  • G 3/4″


  • Air Clutch
  • IP67 – IP 68

Mounting Bolts

  • 16 Pieces M12


Max. pulling capacity (kg/lbs): 6800 kg (14987 Ibs)
Max. rope length (m/ft): 43 m (141 ft)
Recommended wire rope (mm/in): 14 mm (5/9”) 1960 Mpa
Hydromotor (cc/in³): 315 cc (400 cc (24 in³)
Max. pump flow (L/min-g/min): 60 L/min (15.8 g/min)
Gear ratio: 5,2:1
Oil types and capactiy: 85 W 90 – 0,9 L
Max. working pressure (bar/psi): 190 bar (2755 psi)
Winch (kg/lbs): 102 kg (224.8 Ibs)
Roller Fairlead (kg/lbs): 9 kg
Cable Tensioner (kg/lbs): 4 kg (9 lbs)

HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Manuel Clutch Shifter

HMW 6.8 PHT – ST/P Air Clutch Shifter

Technical Features

Winch Features

Rope Winding Layer Pulling Capacity (kg/lbs) Rope Speed (m/min-ft/min) Rope Lenght (m/ft)
1 6800/14987 10/33 8.4/27.5


2 5655/12464 12.4/40.6 18.3/60
3 4840/10667 14.5/47.5 29.8/97.7
4 4230/9324 16.6/54.4 43/141

Pulling Capacity kg/lb Rope Speed m/min-ft/min Rope Lenght m/ft

Technical Document

  • Extra reinforced steel cast body through the heat treatment and industrial design
  • Light and robust design
  • 100% Holding negative-acting hydraulic brake system.
  • Standard pressure roller and roller fairlead.
  • Easy assembly, high rope capacity and high torque hydromotor
  • Standard manual rope unloading system
  • CE Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
  • Meets SAE J706 rating

HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch

HMW 6.8 PHT – ST Winch Technical Drawing

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