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A Hammer Winch wind has been blown through Germany..

International Commercial Rescue and Towing Vehicles Fair (Internationale Fachausstellung Bergen und Abschleppen, IFBA), one of the world’s largest salvage and towing vehicles gatherings with over 90 international exhibitors and thousands of visitors from many countries, was held in Germany between 12-14 May, in the city of Kassel.

Hydraulic Winch IFBA 2022

Turkey’s largest hydraulic winch manufacturer, Hammer Endüstri, took its place in the fair attended by the leading tow-recovery vehicle and accessory manufacturers of the sector.

The participation in IFBA, which has been held since 1973 and shown as the most prestigious fair of the sector in Europe, was quite high this year as well. At the fair, which the participants from many countries saw as an opportunity to follow the developments in the sector, manufacturers also had the opportunity to exhibit their latest technology products.

High performance, strong and durable hydraulic winch models of Hammer Winch, a brand of Hammer Endüstri, received great attention from the visitors of the fair, and received full marks from vehicle manufacturers and sales teams.

IFBA, one of the largest thematic fairs in Europe; is also of great importance in terms of building a bridge and developing relations between vehicle and accessory manufacturers, commercial sales networks and users.

We are happy to have achieved significant gains in our aim to become the biggest producer of the sector in Europe as well as in Turkey with the relationships and new collaborations we have established with the sector leaders. We did not only closely follow the changing and developing technology, but also exhibited our products that we produce with our mission to produce more and our innovative vision. We are also proud to represent our country’s industry on abroad, which is constantly growing with its strong infrastructure in the best way.

As Hammer Endüstri, we will continue to take part in domestic and international fairs and proudly contribute to the promotion of our country’s industry with our advanced technological infrastructure, modern production facility, and production approach that does not compromise on high quality.

We would like to thank all our visitors for their interest.