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Our Quality Policy

With our world-class production understanding, we have been producing hydraulic winch for pulling since 2003, managing business processes using modern and the most up-to-date technology, and bringing our innovative and quality products together with users on a global scale market.Our factory is currently based in Ankara, we are proud to be Turkey's largest industrial complex in the production of towing and rescue winch, product range and production capacity of our market share is constantly increasing, we offer our customers products of high standards.

  • In Hammer Industry, absolute customer satisfaction with superior quality and after sales support is the primary goal.
  • In Hammer Industry, customer requirements are constantly analyzed, fast solutions are produced by measuring perceptions and expectations, production processes are redesigned by improving the efficiency of the quality management system.
  • Production in Hammer Industry takes place with international quality management systems and each product is approved by the quality control unit before it reaches its customer.
  • In Hammer Industry, the production process from raw material to product is regularly inspected, efficiency and quality stages are updated in parallel with the technology.
  • All products produced in Hammer Industry are produced according to the relevant standards (EN 14492-1, SAE, and CE).
  • In Hammer Industry, all departments fulfill all responsibilities of ISO 16949 and ISO 9001 Quality Management System and strives to improve processes unceasingly.
  • In Hammer Industry, each production is recorded in accordance with the quality management system and its traceability is ensured.
  • In Hammer Industry, the process that starts with the order is carefully planned, and all production processes from raw material supply to packaging are controlled by experts.
  • The products manufactured in Hammer Industry are tested in computer-assisted test units at least + 10% above their capacity and made ready for the most demanding conditions.
  • The production process, which takes place with Hammer Industry’s experienced staff focused on customer demands and machinery equipped with high technology, is constantly supported by R&D and P&D studies.