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Telford, England

Strong Interest in Hammer Winch at Telford
The Recovery Tow Show, one of the UK’s largest and the world’s leading vehicle recovery industry fairs, organized in Telford since 2000, took place between 27-30 September 2022. The leading brand of the sector, Hammer Winch, took its place among the giants of the world.
The leading brands of the sector had the opportunity to introduce their products at the fair, which provided unforgettable experiences to its visitors with seminars, outdoor shows and shows about the sector for two days. The products of Hammer Winch, a brand of Hammer Industry, managed to attract the attention of visitors, especially with their durability and strength against tough conditions.
Hammer Winch’s new products received full marks from industry authorities at the Recovery Tow Show, where the manufacturers and industry representatives of the vehicle recovery industry had the opportunity to meet and the latest designs in vehicle-equipment technology were exhibited.
As Hammer Industry, we will continue to take part in domestic and international fairs and proudly contribute to the promotion of our country’s industry with our advanced technological infrastructure, modern production facility, and production approach that does not compromise on high quality.
We would like to thank all our visitors for their great interest.

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